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You require no special equipment. Just your smartphone and our unique Trust Tags will do the magic for you







Key Features

That’s the thing in the past

Be sure about your purchase with instant Authentication.
It was never this simple and easy, thanks to our
path-breaking product offering – “Trust Tags”

Warranty management

Now easily manage all your products warranties  with our
e-Warranty feature. Get alerts on expiring warranties.
Buy insurance or renew AMC. Find nearby service centre.


Contribute towards your
favorite brands success.

For brands most important thing is your inputs.
Take part in simple surveys and see how your opinions help change
the product  offerings. Rest assured you will be rewarded.

Brands love you too…

Get loyalty bonus into your e-wallet
claim it for your self or gift it for your friends.
whether it is the latest offers or a chance to get rewarded,
this App won’t stop from amazing you!


If you are a BRAND and looking for this amazing solution

Let’s Get Started

I often shop for cosmetics online, and it is always a concern that the product I bought is genuine or not. I am eagerly looking forward to digital solution to sort this out.

My kids are young and I am often worried about the genuineness of food and medicine I give to them. I am looking forward to a digital solution to spot fake and stay safe. 

Do to hectic lifestyle it is impossible for me to manage all the warranty cards. I am looking forward to e-warranty system to help me stay organized.

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